There is beauty in being an observer.

Better yet if an active one.

About the writer

I respect all religions.

I am in constant change.

I don’t know the truth. .

I am just a seeker. Just like you.

I fell asleep at once, I was very very tired. I didn’t sleep very long, it was an afternoon nap I would say. I woke up with a brutish touch, as if someone squeezed my arm. It was a greyish, colourless figure, in the shape of a well built man that with a beautiful voice said “Do you believe now?” It was frightening. I got up and sit on the staircase near my room for several minutes.

This rang a bell for me. I started looking for more. To observe more. To understand that and much more that came ahead.

We are all observers. And creative minds. We are creators. We often don’t perceive that in our constraint existence. Some of us might have a glimpse through some dreams or impressions. But we are too busy to persevere that, aren’t we? The veil is in front of us. A Universe is hiding from our objective minds. While we live its shadows. We, I, you, all the same behind the curtains. But there’s still a world insisting in our differences.

Whatever it has to be. I just hope that it is with Enthusiasm. That our journey unveiling the veil is a beautiful one. That we dance in our paths. There is beauty in living beyond the mechanical and automatised. We just need to find the rhythm and to embrace the myths. There is grace on movement. And as we embrace it we might find transcendence.

Through short stories, testimonials and random poetry I try to bring back to my life – maybe to our lives – the creating power, the enthusiasm and the eternity, that the world now lacks so much.

“Jetzt bin ich leicht, jetzt fliege ich, jetzt sehe ich
mich unter mir, jetzt tanzt ein Gott durch mich.”

I invite you: come and breathe my dance, come and dance with me and with the divinity within us.


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