The Cubist Spaces

I find all Picasso’s work ravishing. I can sit and admire then for long time, wondering what he wanted to create. 

“Woman in an Armchair” (1929) is one of my favorites. Pablo Picasso’s works began to reflect the influence of the Surrealist poets in 1925, and would continue to do so until the mid-1930s. 

Picasso was not the only artist to explore the new visual possibilities that the movement offered: he was joined by George Braque and, shortly afterwards, Marcel Duchamp, amina others. 

“Femme Dans un fauteuil”, pintada no início de 1929, é uma espécis de síntese das pinturas violentas dos anos anteriores e dos ensinamentos iniciais do cubismo, traduzida numa nova maneira de pintar, que adquirira na década de 1930.

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