Good Times Are So Hard To Find

The threat of good times becoming extinct is very real. We are never feeling or showing contentment. Is this a problem of this era or have we always been like this?

Excessive consumption. We constantly demand more and more. Not only material elements, but we also wish to feel each time better, exceptional. Aiming at a point we cannot reach. Trying to be a super hero. We need reducing our dissatisfaction by cutting down on attempting to be invariably superior.

Many a day have I remembered that I am only human. And it makes me feel finer. When I accept my human condition I can easily accept my failures and faults. 

“Have you got the time to share
Have you taken proper care
Of your body, anybody?
No one seems to see the signs
They reject them every time
Cause the good times are so hard to find.” (Good times are so hard to find – Blue Cheer)

Have you got the time to share your acceptable moments with someone you enjoy? Have you taken proper care of your body? We reject us every time and that is why good times are so hard to find. We put our ambition so high that it is almost impossible to achieve it.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.” This is a basic rule to let good times happen. And always remember: it depends on you – to have good times – ever.


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