How does it feel to be alive?


Who am I? Am I my thoughts? Am I my history, my past? How can I define myself in words? It is just impossible.

How does it feel to be alive? Do we even know we are alive? Our minds are constantly screaming and claiming for attention. We always need to rationalize, overthink, this is how our ego works. This never ending cycle leads us to frustration, sadness, we feel tedious. Life seems a mechanical sequence of actions, happiness and joy are so far away from us, they are set as goals, in the future, in a time that may not even exist.

We are not truly connected to ourselves. We feel so distant from our life, we feel so distant from what life really is. Then we create fantasies, we mold our thoughts into something that gives us a sense of direction. But we are completely lost. We are completely distant from what life really is.

We go to churches even though we have not even a clue of what faith really is. We pray to an anthropological God. Our minds are always dividing things in good/bad, pleasure/suffering.

Being alive is just being alive.

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