Doing what you like is so precious

Why does it take so much trouble deciding what we like? Shouldn’t it be so simple? Why do we choose to do things we hate instead of just chill with the people we love? We do sacrifice things we like in order to achieve something else. But aren’t you doing this too much?

Life is about precious moments, everything vanishes so fast. Watching sunset at the beach, talking to friends on a bar, just sitting in front of your window observing… this is precious. But our mind is often so busy thinking of what must be done that we miss the beauty of life. We keep feeding bad thoughts, we are always busy to what’s more interesting: life itself.

Working is necessary and important. But what will you sacrifice for it? Why are you always taking work everywhere? It prevents you from doing things you like. Saturday night, chilling out with your family but work troubles won’t go away from your mind. You surely want to lay down a bit and read a book. But you can’t because your mind keep saying that you haven’t done enough yet. Oh wait, crazy mind, let me just be…

Whenever you are working, you are working. Make it conscious and beautiful. If you don’t like your job, quit it. If you like it, enjoy. When you leave the work environment let it go. Breathe the fresh air, take a deep breath and just go do what you want. Feel it.

That painting course you always wanted, that awesome friend you want to hug, that bar you want to go… Do it, for yourself. Do it with your conscience. Even if all you want to do is sleep all Sunday afternoon. You shouldn’t be studying more, you should relax too. If you are always concerned with work and other heavy stuff you’re life will go fast and empty of true emotions. Laughing is also necessary for the soul, and your body too. Spend more time with you, and with people you love.

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