I am. And that’s enough.

We are never alone. There’s always someone speaking to you. Your mind. It seems that we are always talking to someone, it seems we are constantly discussing with our brain. “What to do now”, “what to do next”, “think about the past”, “think about the future”. This voice echoes all the time, and once you start paying attention to it it becomes annoying. Am I a freak? Why do I keep talking to myself all the time, not allowing me to just be in the moment?

Correct breathing techniques, meditation, it all may help to reduce this expressing voice but it never seems to fade. We are always worried about something and our mind insists on reminding this to us all the time. Maybe only one key can prevent this bothersome speech: detachment. That’s the only true freedom. Letting go from everything and just be.

Sit and relax. Start by denying yourself. Keep saying “I’m not this body”, “I’m not this material brain.”, “I’m not the problems I face”. Let go of everything, including the self you believe to be. Feel the air entering through your nose and notice its sound. Feel the touch with the ground. Feel the smell of the environment and go slowly losing your attachment to this reality. Live in this world happily and content but know you are greater than that. WE ARE, and that is enough. No adjective nor substantive needed to complete this sentence. We are. You are. I am.

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