Is Mars Retrograde the cause of all my problems?

When things go wrong we automatically start looking for the causes for it. Perhaps we learn from our failures and disillusions, or maybe we just cry over it and dress up as the victim of the whole situation. Looking for someone or something to blame. But everything that happens in this world is a result of a series of effects, much more complex than we could ever imagine. 

I may point out the influence of planetary position, for example. The effects of the moon and planets over us are often underestimated, not even partly understood. But it does affect our lives in many spheres. Whether or not we are willing to concede the importance of the astrology in our lives, it itself shows that it has some consistency. 

Astrology is the most misunderstood knowledge of the ancient times. All its rich teachings were rendered into superstition by the decadent readers and interpreters in the Middle Ages. Aware or not of that, our lives are being moulded, in a more or less deterministic form, by the astral position. It is a strong, very powerful influence. It does not annihilate our (limited) free will, but it does influence our world.

“The stars are linked to one another by attractions which keep them in equilibrium and regularly cause them to move in space; these networks of light travel from all the spheres, and there is no single point on any planet which is not connected to these indestructible threads.”

Eliphas Lévi

I would not engage in a single-handed duel with scientists on topics like that because, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I believe science is right now still limited to the manifested dense matter, thus cannot comprehend through its methods any phenomena or cause that is beyond its observations. So, until this old formula is not destroyed it is pointless to fight against the “man of science”. Actually, when confronted with questions such as the formation of matter and influence of planets in our lives, science hesitates, feels dazzled, becomes dizzy and then answers: “I don’t know!” 

When we are alignment to the conditions we are imposed it is much easier to deal with our surroundings, take decisions and practice magic. For a moment, everything I planned to do, everything I planed to achieve, was not going right. It took me some time to realise the powerful influence of the planet Mars in this case. Since Mars is right now retrograde we can expect a decrease of action, contracts that go wrong, everything seems much more difficult in this period. Instead of fighting against it I just retired to my inner self and meditated about it for a moment, and gladly realised that this moment is better suited to analyse my actions and thoughts and gather more power for when this difficult phase is gone. 

Mars Retrograde. “During Mars retrograde, we tend to feel more sluggish, unmotivated, and might struggle to take tangible action on things.”

At the same time, I felt very happy about the new phase of the moon, the new moon always brings me a sense of new opportunities and I like to use this period to begin new rituals. When the moon achieves its biggest form (Full Moon) it is a very powerful moment of exaltation to throw all your wishes to the cosmos and perform that very special ritual, which will have much more effect. 

Today I also projected how my year of 2021 will be according to Girolamo Cardano’s (“one the boldest of seekers and undeniably the most skilled astrologer of his time”) method. It is based on the principle of climacteric years, that estimates the return of good and bad years, for everything has its cycle and it is always coming and going, like a wave on the sea. 

So, for me, it is very clear: astrology is real. And the more I tune myself to these energies the more I feel its power and work with it, bringing me harmony and joy. 

Yet, we cannot blame a single factor for the output of undesirable events. We are humans, connected with imperfections and failures. We are in evolution, of course, but it is a long way till the day we are fully aware of our actions and mental creational activity. We are not pure and perfect spiritual beings, we cannot be in control of our power and influence over the world, we walk shadowy paths that leads to unwillingly outcomes. The kingdom of spirit can be won only by a long imprisonment in matter. 

Reason being a faculty of our physical brain, it cannot access and examine directly our divine spirit and thus it cannot know the causes and effects as a whole, reasonable occurrence. The man who has conquered matter sufficiently to receive the direct light from his shining spiritual essence feels truth intuitionally and thus cannot err in his judgement, for he is truly illuminated.

On the other hand, one can be so distant from its spiritual fire that he is like a dead-alive, he has no spiritual sight because their spirits have left them. They can be all their graces, rich attires and brilliant accomplishments, but without genuine life, they are dead on the eyes of the Lord and the angels. They stills have their minds and animal delights, even though the divine in them have been destroyed and they have nothing human left, but their flesh bodies, and once it is dissolved by death, this individuality will be nothing more than a vampire or another creature In the astral reign (not a human). Human soul’s immortality is assured in proportion to the willingness of the human of receiving it. So, as long as the man of flesh and spirit keeps within the limits of the law of spiritual continuity, as as long the divine spark lingers in him.

It does not matter what comes in our life and how we handle it at the present moment, as long as we striving to reconnect to the spiritual realm we are being true humans. Made of the image of the Creator, we seek to come back to our pure origin. Arousing our intuition and connecting somehow to something that is from the heart and is transcendental we are nourishing our spirits, we are fully integrating ourselves, as a whole complex formation, that receives and radiates the Light of pure divine Love. Self-complacency is the most serious obstacle to the enlightenment of the spiritualist.

“The more powerful souls perceive truth through themselves, and are of a more inventive nature. Such souls are saved through their own strength, according to the oracle.” PROCLUS in I Alc. 

Conclusion: The ancient science of astrology can teach and show us the influence of the cosmos in our lives. It is, however, beyond our reason to fully comprehend how these spheres work on our lives, objectively. Many are the factors that shape our reality and only an Illuminated can perceive it with clarity. It is a long and arduous way to comprehend our divinity. And as long as we are striving to attune to it we are assuring our immortality.

Ps.: I leave you this beautiful song, it brings me peace and joy, hope it calms you as well.

3 thoughts on “Is Mars Retrograde the cause of all my problems?

      1. Simm, mas o básico já dá uma luz boa. Principalmente no “horóscopo” lá, que é apenas as influências do momento separadinhas. Sem migué. Mas oh. Todo ano, black friday, eles fazem uma promo boa pra assinar tb. (To no aguardo, ano passado assinei por 6,99 uuuqqq) falar nisso owww, assinei tidal por 1,99 oootra vez. 😅😅😅

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