She will come to you – soon

Young lady in a throne, did not even know how to set balance in her own life. And through her I learned. And you probably too. She is that bird that visits you every night, with a smile on her face, I am sure you remember her. It’s the Empress, the bringer of life. Love, joy and the present moment. If she is hiding from you, you should be aware. Seek her and apologise yourself. But one thing you must have in mind: all life comes to an end. In fact, that’s the mystery of the circle. Don’t be dead, wake up. The dead can come to you too, and they do. Some say we can see them on the stars, or on someone’s eyes. It is there, somewhere. Sometimes they resurrect or reappear, that might be frightening but I read on some books that it can happen. I should be thankful for it. Whatever it is, the Empress is connected with that, she is pouring water in our ponds, every day… This is celestial harmony. Get your stick, and start the fight, in the name of the Empress! And then sit in your throne, catch back the energy you need, and keep doing your job. Watch the symbolism, wisdom might touch you. 

The Empress is now materialised and she is in a car, guiding herself. Through the stars. What a marvellous day. And at night the North Star might guide her. Intuition, not logic. As the destiny is reached the traveller starts to suspect that something is wrong – she expected to meet a feast but instead only the broken glasses are there – should she be late?! Oh no, North Star. She is filled with horror and perhaps sadness, poor soldier. But someone placed a red rose on her chest, how could she not realise it? Weird. She travels back in a boat, now she has found a ferryman to guide her on time and space. The water is calm and it reflects the moon. What a marvellous night. The ferryman seems serious and perhaps filled with horror. They are lost. 

Lost somewhere. Lost in their own minds. Lost in their thoughts.

Watch your thoughts; they become your destiny. Watch it carefully like an observer. Look at them like a king looks at his realm. Look for it from your throne, with full presence. Try to uncover what is hidden, and welcome everything into your care.

When in a crossroad a choice has to be made, whether it is a hint from heaven or a meaningless choice. In doubt, follow the path of the heart. Watch your heart; it also traces your destiny. Remember, humans know no rational decision, it all must go through the heart. Master your intuition and your gut feelings and you can understand your destiny. That is what says the Empress, the Queen and also the King. Do not curb your chance to advance, do not hesitate when meeting the Empress or your own intuition, let it come to you. It will, soon. 

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