May that solitude inspire our thoughts

Two soldiers spar. Me and Myself. This is not a fevered battle, but a quiet, almost peaceful one. Two vulnerable parts engage in a fight, but there is nothing worth fighting for. The winner lifts his stick to the skies, in an act of victory, as the corpse of the opponent stands still on the ground. The ecstasy of winning feels so good, as if a lightning had stroke his head. And then comes the longing for the enemy – they were parts of the same being – and now one is dead. Who to mirror now? Who to impress? As the sun rises again an atypical sense of peace appears, and the love of the gods are still there. Actually, love is greater than ever, and all is light and without fear. In the end the battle was worth it. 

But at some point it comes…

Solitude. The moon and I. Its face is masked, its secrets are veiled. Dark waters surround. As I rise from this water I enable myself to exist. After the battle comes the visions and dreams, a chance to see the light. But at the same time despair, how can I have it all and nothing at the same time? I can no longer debate with myself because I stand alone. But I can still feel compassion. When the night comes I realise I have my own light. But still listless to understand it. Guidance? Coordinates? Please I need to move. Life, death, rebirth. Life, death, rebirth. Life, death, rebirth. I feel in a loop. Life, death, rebirth. And in solitude. Life, death, rebirth. Circle. Life, death, rebirth. Discernment and Intelligence, wisdom at each turning. Destiny is destiny. Understand it you or not. 

And then there is…

THE GOVERNOR. He lays his back to us, as though he observes us. Yes, they do, indeed. The kings bear their secrets, and they are immensely joyous, their days are ritualistically beautiful. And they eat golden fishes, the best ones. They look at your heart and soul and they can perceive your destiny. But they did a lot of sacrifices too, yes they did. All in peace and by peace. They are covered by layers of wisdom, they are touched by the real secrets. And thus they are delivered from earthly qualities. But they keep loving Earth, yes they do love it so much. They are lovers with Earth. Between light and dark they stand on a light shadow, as if avoiding the serpent, and through them comes the voice of the divine. They know that they are vulnerable so they grew their defences, everything they know is encoded. And they are alone, although they are not. Just like us.

Royalty and nobility awaits for him, condolences to his soul. May he is not interrupted by the disguised veil of illusion. Although he has to search it – he must go through it, he shall look inside each golden cup and drink every sip of the holy wine, and then walk away from it. On the other hand he carries the fruits of his own desire, he also bears the meaningful stories he collected. Royalty and nobility awaits for you. condolences to your soul and may in the silence you find the deep layers within it. May we meditate on the glory of sacred Light illuminating the three worlds. …

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