Endless Universe. Endless secrets. Only one Truth.

You somehow wonder. Deep in yourself. “Is there any secret I should know about?” Is there something hidden? How did everything begin and how will everything end? What is the Universe and who organises it? What if everything is only our minds? Is anything real at all? Sometimes I think we are all in an endless black hole. Or maybe we are just the shadows of a pure bright light. We are undoubtedly part of something magnificent. And someone is riding for us.

Someone is riding for you. Someone is fighting for you. A knight stands in his horse to face the battles. For you. He is a fighter, not a lover. Feel his impulses within you, through intellect and through emotion. War is intended, may he leads you to victory. You cherish for freedom and this knight battles for it. For you. But while he reigns do not be only the passive cattle. Recognise his power by daylight, and take the hard tasks by moonlight. He will take care you, just keep the good spirits around. As far as the eye can see this leads to a happy ending but please do not judge the less fortunates, the glory is due to the one that fought for you. Keep this in mind. And then you can hold the gold above you, and control it well. May you bring order to your realm. Smile, in the end you both benefited from each other. 

Here, as well as in the endless Universe, everything is as it is. Planets, suns, moons, everything is perfect as it is. We can try to understand the reasons behind everything. But we won’t. We will fail miserably. “Is there any secret I should know about?” Yes. No. Can we know this secret? No, but only its trace. One cannot look directly into the sun, but only perceive the light it emanates. And after you know this light very well you can travel within it, and discover many other splendours. Life is incredible. For those who live

“Even by the mind, this truth is to be learned: there are not many, but only one.” And you have it almost in your hands, although not tangible. And it mirrors the sun splendour and through, although it is hard to be completely sure what it is. Just follow the purpose. And among many illusions you will see the true face, almost magically. You will be caught in amazement and you yourself will mirror the sun’s splendour. Do not let yourself be paralysed with confusion, but stay still and wait for the instructions of the intuition. The truth will (not) be revealed. But this inner sight might bring horror, fight this battle coherently. The light finds the light and you might see how the world was created as you unfold your own being. Your own being. 

Mostly we perceive three dimensions. Changed the perspective everything is different. One step up and there is no difference between you and me. You and him. Me and him. And when we get more and more into matter we see the distance between you and me. But the higher it gets the less the distances make sense, until it makes no sense anymore. And all is one. 

Until we realise the unity of life we live in fear. A victory in a desert is also a victory in the rainforest, all should know that. We all contemplate the same cosmic mysteries, we all seek the same magic and meaning, in the end. The horse rider is never alone, for he caries fire with him. We are fearless in our passions, for passions unites us to all, even if for a moment. Do not drop your defences but do not miss the beauty of being innocent. When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart, that is consciousness.

And the “secrets” start to unfold...

and they never end.

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