The Art of Turning Lead into Gold

In the beginning there was desire, which was the first seed of mind. Fire. Water. And from that came life. The angels poured the waters of life from one cup to another a million times until there was equilibrium. First came spirit and soul, then the sculpture of the form – the five senses were firmly stablished – bringing to earth the gifts of love and beauty. And also pain and pride. A satisfaction in destruction, and so humans destroy its own palace with its senses, just for a short satisfaction of moment. Night will fall, the earthly victor will be over-burdened by its own acts. 

“If a general has not got mastered his destructive traits before entering the theatre of war, or is not even aware of them, it is a travesty of his position.”

Humans are beauty, they are love. Also hate and misery. There is no way to deny it, one can face it or pretend to hide it. And facing it is a constant, almost never ending battle, for the human soul is deep, it is profound. It would take time until everything is brought to life, it would take a lot of time, if time existed. There is no time, but timing

“An occasion when victory can be foretold: When the general knows the time to fight and when not to fight.”

Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account.

I thought in my heart, “God will bring to judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time for every deed.”

Ecclesiastes 3

Do not wonder about when. Do not wonder about how. Humans should enjoy with gratitude every day as an enchanted opportunity to belong. To belong to their divine essence. To acknowledge the misery and the pain that is inherent to the human ego, to the imperfection that enables perfection to exist. And everything else will come in the right place, in the right moment. When one prays and reckons its roots, then one knows that he is safe to live and to adore, and to cherish every single day of his life. Because no one is going to be left behind, as we are all one single body. Attune, attune to the greatness inside, and that might guide you to the most abundant of the states a human can achieve – and for that, no words, no language could ever attempt to describe. 

One will know when it is time to fight and when it is not, by attuning to the inner voice. By forgetting about time and space, and by diving into the miraculous. And there he will get to know himself, little by little. And then he will know it all. 

The emotions may change: passion, anger, illusions. It is something to be aware of. Also to be grateful for. To observe and appreciate, even. But remember: “The general should be calm, inscrutable, just and prudent.” But before mastering his own emotions, the king or general is among a turmoil of emotions. 

So alone and in the dark he cries. And each tear is a healer and a master. As the emotions drop the dark waters become brighter – there is no weakness in this act. It is cleaning and reviving. It is the path to feeling comfort in the waters of emotion. Outside the cells of self isolation there is a beautiful sunrise. Facing the emotions is like facing your darker side – it is a battle and a bath. It is DEATH. It is turning lead into gold, it is becoming purity. Death brings a storm, face these waters, surrender to the unknowable. 

MOTIVATION. Desire to advance, ambition to conquer oneself. The power of will starts as a seed, as an idea on mind and from that it develops. On the right timing. Just endurance is necessary. All and each carries within the potential of growth. It is just a matter of timing until one becomes an Emperor of its own kingdom, ruling over matter, imposing his will and controlling himself. But before all one should know – battle your dark side, everyday. Understand your senses, but do not fall victim of it. No satisfaction of the moment is worth it – but first, acknowledge – bring to life – bring to love – your dark side. 

“It has been said before that he who knows both sides has nothing to fear in a hundred fights.”

May your enemy be yourself. Your battle constant.

And on the right timing you will have transmuted the lead into gold.

2 thoughts on “The Art of Turning Lead into Gold

  1. I battle against my Ego everyday, as a matter of fact , sometimes I try not to fall victim of it, but the dark side is stronger .

  2. This would nicely fit in any RPG script. In fact, it came Breath of Fire IV into my mind. The protagonist Ryu is half part of his “brother” Fou-Lou the antagonist. Both are “dragons/person” going on different quests. (and you may control both at separate times). Ryu fight alongside humans and discovered the power of friendship. Meanwhile, Fou Lo, the emperor, thrives on the path of power. In the end, you must choose, fuse with Fou Lou or fight against him. to discover who are “you”. With that said, the beautiful bof4 intro:

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