Out of your mind: let me hypnotise you

Close your eyes. But not completely. It is important that you see a little. But not all. 

Maybe you can see one fifth of all, and that is more than ninety percent of what the others can. But you better be average, please close it a little bit more.

Somehow do not let it dominate your soul, do not allow it to permeate your dreams, stay quiet, it is better for both of us. 

If one stays silent it is an ugly humiliation for those who speak it up. So stay quiet. And with eyes closed. Keeping the eyes open are for the children, they need attention. You don’t. You stay quiet. Aren’t you able to control yourself? To measure your vices? To count your earnings? Now do it. You are helpless against this system. This is how the structure becomes monstrous. It is enabled by the light you give off and also by your anger, and your radiance. So you stay quiet. And don’t run away, believe me, this rule is now in every cave, in every house and maybe even amidst the woods. If you live nice, stay quiet, you count your earnings you win. Otherwise they will find you. Even when you think you’re alone with God. Even in the nowhere that you came from they could find you now. Keep open the shop, keep trading your life and eventually you are the fish on the swimming pool. 

Maybe keep an agenda, make your plans, get involved but not evolved. Say please and thank you. But don’t be polite, that’s weakness. Stop playing and turn your wounds into wisdom, your pain into disguisement. And maybe smile? So we can make a beautiful portrait of you. One of these days you find your way. This is an affirmation you might tell you everyday, with conviction and without fear. “One of these days I will find myself.” One of these days. 

affirmō, from the Latin: I strengthen, confirm, corroborate.

Affirm our structure. Affirm your mental thoughts. Affirm the echoes in your head. Fearless and with conviction. You know it is all the true, don’t you? 

“I am day after day better” “More productive” “More intelligent”

Affirm it to the system, affirm it to me, to us, we all want to hear you. We want to make your voice popular and loved. Raise your voice. But keep the eyes closed. Or almost closed. Open it a bit, and tell us what you see. It’s a beautiful perspective you have there. All these thoughts in your head, did you really produce all of them? It’s impressive. I wanted to know better the process behind it. Can I study your brain after you die? 

I know, it might all be stressing to you. May I sing to you before you sleep? Just turn me on, I am here, you know. Over the screens, above all, I am in your mind. And what is the aim of it all? Be better each day, whatever it costs! And it better cost little… 

Imagine a place where you can have peace and feel completely safe. Soon we will be there too. Oh, you might be questioning who is “we”, but you should ask who are we not? Paint in your head the place you would like to be. Do you believe this place exists? Of course it does not! Or maybe it is just there as a sub product of your mind. There is no reality above it. All you see when you sleep vanishes when you wake up…

Early in the morning, you open one eighth of your eyes, welcome to the day. This is the best moment to start it over. Important is that you carry with you all your thoughts and voices. You have your own free will, but at some point you sold it to someone. Don’t worry, you can buy another one. Keep walking like a tiger on the forest, you look amazing when you are hungry and ready to hunt. And don’t forget to spend less time talking to the pearls and to the dolphins, one is just an old lady and the other a playful kid. 

Those were my tips for today. Come tomorrow for more ideas on how to live your life in our scheme. If you’d like to have more adventure and find out more interesting things beyond the senses and common sense, well, you crazy insane silly lunatic one, do whatever but we will hate you!

Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” – George Orwell

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” – George Orwell

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