The greatness we possess

Restlessness. Turbulence. Turmoil.

Waking up and feeling a new day. The morning mist sometimes reveals something sacred, not always to my liking. Waking up and having to survive in this restless world. Dry branches on the ground and I wonder if all this is in vain. Are we branches of a tree that will dry up? If death approaches there is no denying it. The curtains close and the act is over. If there was applause or not, I wouldn’t care.

At the hospital door I observe the sick; there are those who come and go and those who come to stay. Illness is often subtle, and the sickest are not in the hospitals; just as the richest are not those with the most money. Nor are the most beautiful on magazine covers.

It is beautiful to see that life brings a certain magic for those who want to feel it, for those who overcome the restlessness, turbulence and turmoil of the world. But we nourish ourselves with dust. And dust is opposed to vision, the whirlwind of the mind opposed to illumination. There are those who are reborn from the ashes, and then there are those who were never born.

Feelings, I sometimes thought that rational thinking was the apex. I thought rational thinking overruled intuition. The night brings evidence of the sun, the moon reminds me of the light, the darkness shows me the stars. One day we may disconnect from this reality of ours and connect to another universe of possibilities, there I shall be immersed.

And alone.

But it’s strange being alone
I look in the mirror and see only me
But it’s not me that I see
Just a reflection of my image
In a world where everything fades away
I no longer recognise myself
I never knew myself
Who could it be that I was and am?
For a moment I know nothing
Who knows the world is not in the world
I need to get out of myself to know who I am
I need to get out of what I think I am
To discover who I possibly am

It’s strange to be…
I feel a certain uneasiness
I don’t know quite how to act

I better just breathe now.

Find the calm within this turbulence and turmoil. And start to unfold the inner world. The mysterious inner world. A world of new possibilities shall arise. But for that one needs to be quiet enough to hear its own voice. Among many voices, your own voice. Your own breathing. And all the greatness you have might arise from there. Remember, it is necessary to be really really quiet inside. Calm yourself down.

“Know Thyself”

Our kingdom may face challenges from all sides, and at times even from within. Do not worry too much. Think again about breathing.

I know you want your kingdom to flourish.

And it all starts with discipline. Discipline is the way. Discipline of the mind is the way. Disciplining the mind is not an easy task. Getting rid of thoughts and concepts requires a lot. Specially in this restlessness, turbulent and turmoiled world we live in. Everything is so fast, so many opportunities and possibilities. And choices. And dramas. And trends. And… all and all. At times shallow, lacking meaning.

If only we knew the greatness we possess. If only we could overcome the great restlessness, turbulence and turmoil of this world. We would all be “kings and queens.” L I S T E N T O Y O U R B R E A T H. It starts there.

“Know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and God.”

One thought on “The greatness we possess

  1. “no one feels another`s grief, no one understands another`s joy. People imagine that they can reach one another. In reality they only pass each other by”

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