Intuition is my favorite type of madness

The Universe tries to communicate with us in many ways, but we have to be willing to listen.
First, we have to want to and feel good about doing so.
Then, we need to be well-tempered and vivid.
A very calculating mind might suffer from letting other realities flow over it.
One who is too much on earth has difficulty being in heaven.
One must choose, not an element, but a purpose.
In order to let the Universe speak through you, it is necessary to let go of the ties that keep haunting us.
So many distractions. So much information and so many paths. You have to choose one and say yes to it. With conviction. Say yes to Him. Just once, and in a good tone.

In order to let the Universe speak through you, you also have to get your mental affairs away from you.
The neat little boxes inside our heads help us, but when we try to put each little thing into its package, things that we don’t know the name of, and therefore don’t fit anywhere, go unnoticed.
A mind that tries to categorize everything does not perceive that which has no name yet, because language and logic do not know it.
A very analytical mind creates resistance to the delicacy of the soul.
The dirt of the world fogs up the crystal that receives the astral light.
And so how does the Universe speak through us?
How will we let its melody perpetuate us in a dance?

Sometimes we think it is unattainable, such an intangible knowledge.
But it is a slight awakening and a continuous work.
It is more difficult when you don’t have a manual, I know. But it is just impossible to translate in a recipe that which has no form nor voice.
If we choose to train too much the reason we end up forgetting the other arm. But what are we talking about?
A stream full of colored dust runs through your head. Inside your head, little beings try to label each colored dust in its certain box, those that cannot go in any box cause stress, the little beings get confused. What to do with these things? But now they don’t even look anymore. That which has no known shape or color goes outside. With everything labeled it is easy to organize, everything is clean and in order. Do you want a little pink dust with rounded edges? All right, I know which box they are in.
And in the leftovers, it was all of the rest. Intuition is letting go without judging or labeling. It is a continuous flow. And from this comes much more. From this, it comes the wisdom that only artists will know about.

I once wanted to have everything in order and under control. Today I’m afraid of that. We pledge to be taken by a type of madness, that will take us over for new possibilities to be explored.

É um correr esvoaçando pra lugar nenhum.

Um procurar sem desejar chegar. Uma dor, e uma ferida

Um alvoroço no peito que canta e dança

Tem nome, e é loucura

Se não fossem os doidos, quem seríamos senão germes

E por conta deles nós hoje estamos

Pelos loucos que decidiram acreditar em algo que,

Sem razão nem apelo,

é a mais completa e perfeita melodia.

A intuição é a minha loucura preferida.

There is in nature a force much more powerful than the atomic one. It is perpetual and in perpetual motion. Magical allegories can be found all around us, but it is very rare to notice them. All miracles are promised to faith, but to define faith is beyond any reason, it is the audacious power of will and creation that overcomes every obstacle and darkness.
And the resurgence of this intuition, the breaking of the current precepts is a must before the snake eats its own tail. It is tragic to observe how the current advances do not actually lead us to any more happiness, but rather to more inequalities. To esteem practical knowledge as the only virtue is hindering even the most adventurous of the souls. If you wish to know this perpetual force listen to the royal calling. Say yes. And remember that it is only yes or no. No maybe. The truth will set you free. No more slavery to your passions or anything else. A new reality without any boundaries is for those, and for those only, who choose yes and are in accordance to letting go of all other superstition or vain faiths. An audacity that nothing can stop. A faith that can never be corrupted. It looks like madness, to the eyes of the profane.


“Being is being”. “True, without error, certain, and most true”

“I am he within whom and by whom is expressed the Verb.”

“In principio erat verbum”

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