Mysterim Magnum: Paracelsus’ Genesis.

What man has ever taken more comprehensive views of nature than Paracelsus? He was the bold creator of chemical medicines; the founder of courageous parties; victorious in controversy, belonging to those spirits who have created amongst us a new mode of thinking on the natural existence of things.” (Pfaff)

Paracelsus, Biographie -
Paracelsus: The famous spiritual psychologist Carl Gustav Jung saw in him a seminal figure in fusing the science of alchemy with psychology and the study of the unconscious. Read More.

MYSTERTUM MAGNUM : Original matter; the matter of all things; the ultimate essence; essentiality of the inner nature; specific quality of the semi-material part of things. All forms come originally from the Mysterium magnum, and all return to it in the end.

“God is the most secret and also the most revealed.

The Mysterium Magnum exists above all the causality world of phenomena. It is the essence that contains everything. The negation of the Mysterium Magnum is the creation of everything. It was not caused nor created, it is above and contains all concepts of time, space or anything else. The Mysterium Magnum contains all the possibilities of the creation, it is like its seed. And the tree is the seed, however it is not. The moment the tree is not seed anymore then it is tree. This seed contains everything but it is anything of this, however. Because the moment it is not, it becomes. Everything we know, all we can possible experience is part of Mysterium Magnum, it is the revelation, that we, however, don’t know.

“‘Mysterium’ is everything out of which something may be developed, which is only germinally contained in it. A seed is the “mysterium” of a plant, an egg the mysterium of a living bird, etc. If Eastern mythology says that the universe came out of an egg put into the water by Brahma, Neuter, or Ideation, it implies the same meaning as the Mysterium magnum of Paracelsus; because the egg represents the mysterium, the water the life, and the spirit hatches out of it the Creative God, Brahma.” (Hartmann – The Life Of Paracelsus).

From the differentiation of the Mysterium Magmum came everything. First, the elements, and then matter was sculpted stage by stage. Everything came from the same source and will eventually return to it. It is die ersten Matern. We can observe all its laws, creations and phenomena but we can never really know it. We can not know the Mysterim Magnum, we could only be part of it, but then we would cease to exist, for we only exist as a result of its separation.

From the negation of the Mysterium Magnum came darkness, the “Holy Word” filled darkness and it condensed itself in fire and from it the other three reals descended. Man was the last entity created, it is a matter form touched by the spiritual nature, and so a material copy of the spirituals heavens were made. So it is that man has a mortal flesh and an eternal spirit.

The reality is created and shaped by determined will, the intense and concrete concentration of will forms the objective and visible, and faith must confirm the imagination because faith establishes the will, and so the realities are being shaped with the work of the elements.

We are nowhere close to decipher those mysteries which are still invisible to us. Our brain is still a mystery and even more what is beyond it. But we are gifted with our will and faith, and the seed is given.

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