Mysterim Magnum: Paracelsus’ Genesis.

"What man has ever taken more comprehensive views of nature than Paracelsus? He was the bold creator of chemical medicines; the founder of courageous parties; victorious in controversy, belonging to those spirits who have created amongst us a new mode of thinking on the natural existence of things." (Pfaff) Paracelsus: The famous spiritual psychologist Carl … Continue reading Mysterim Magnum: Paracelsus’ Genesis.

True Mathematics: Pythagorean and Platonic

The Universe is made of Mathematics. True mathematics" says the Magicon, "is something with which all higher sciences are connected; common mathematics is but a deceitful phantasmagoria, whose much praised infallibility only arises from this - that materials, conditions, and references are made its foundation.Isis Unveiled (H.P.Blavatsky) All the foundations of what is known derives … Continue reading True Mathematics: Pythagorean and Platonic