True Mathematics: Pythagorean and Platonic

The Universe is made of Mathematics.

True mathematics” says the Magicon, “is something with which all higher sciences are connected; common mathematics is but a deceitful phantasmagoria, whose much praised infallibility only arises from this – that materials, conditions, and references are made its foundation.

Isis Unveiled (H.P.Blavatsky)

All the foundations of what is known derives from this universal higher mathematics. So above, so below. Everything in its core emanates from the same impulse, the same origin and everything share the same rules. Matter and spirit have the same core and are precisely ruled by the same true mathematics.

Mathematics is taken as a universal truth. No wonder, no development could ever be made without the use of it. It is through learning it that humankind advances. The true concepts of it, however, are not to be understood rationally, as our human capabilities could not take any advantages of it, only its common use is gradually being applied, not the whole truth, but its shadow.

Studying the methods of solving problems, we perceive another face of mathematics. Yes, mathematics has two faces; it is the rigorous science of Euclid, but it is also something else. Mathematics presented in the Euclidean way appears as a systematic, deductive science, but mathematics in the making appears an experimental, inductive science. (Pólya 1945, vii)

True mathematics could be the speaking of the divine. “All is number.” “God is number.” There is a pattern to mathematics that is extendable to all the universe. The Universe is mathematical. The numbers contain the elements of all things, and even of the sciences, as said in the Pythagorean numeral theory. He who knows the natural numerals, knows at the same time the universal laws of nature, the mechanics of the universe. “Numerals are the invisible coverings of beings, as the body is the visible one.” Numerals are the bonds of union between principle and form. Everything has reference to the primary numbers (1-10), everything arises from the first ten numerals.

The mathematical platonism also suggests the existence of abstract mathematical objects which are independent of human intelligence or language. And also numbers appear to lead the mind towards truth. The study of mathematics gives the mind adequate training to form more elaborate thoughts about the consistency of the Universe. Everything leads us to the universal true mathematics, being the study of ordinary mathematics also an excellent training, as it compels us to view reality.

‘Then, my noble friend, geometry will draw the mind towards truth, and create the spirit of philosophy, and raise up that which is now sadly allowed to fall down.’ (Republic, Plato)

 The fact that all Mathematics is Symbolic Logic is one of the greatest discoveries of our age; and when this fact has been established, the remainder of the principles of mathematics consists in the analysis of Symbolic Logic itself.

The Principles of Mathematics (B. Russel)

Everything is true mathematics, and so it is infinite. And infinite is one only thing. Everything is within. Our perception of reality and time is within, as everything. Everything has its qual counterpart, as everything is in perfect symmetry, negative and positive, masculine and feminine. All significance is derived from true mathematics. “The soul, which is immortal, has an arithmetical, as the body has a geometrical, beginning.”

The fundamental geometric figure of Kabbalah: Tree of Life.

4 thoughts on “True Mathematics: Pythagorean and Platonic

  1. Do livro que caiu:

    “O que seria a vida, sem a aritmética, senão um palco de absurdos?” Rev. Sidney Smith
    (sem quem é não, hum)

    “Abençoa-nos, divino número” Platão
    “Deus geometriza sempre” Platão

    “Geometria … a única ciência que, por enquanto, Deus houve por bem conceder à humanidade” Thomas Hobbes

    “… dá ao nada impálpavel Morada e nome.” Shakespeare

    “O alcance do homem deve ir além daquilo que ele pode agarrar. Ou, então, para que serve o Céu?” Robert Brown
    (roberto marrom descolado)

    “como poderá o infinito agarrar o infinito?” Dryden
    (glr encanou em agarrar)

    “A probabilidade é o próprio guia da vida” Joseph Butter

    “Essa é a era da Máquina, em qualquer sentido, interno ou externo da palavra” Thomas Carlyle

    “Há três espécies de mentiras: as mentiras, as mentiras abomináveis e as mentiras estatísticas” Mark Twain
    (meu menino)

    “Ao ensinar seja o que for, seja breve” Horácio
    (eu sou sempre overkill 😦 )

    “A variedade é o tempero da vida” Willian Cowper
    (escritor começou perder foco já, kd matematica)

    “a raiz insana, que aprisiona a razão” Shakespeare
    (hauehae capítulo sobre extração de raízes )

    Tinha outras mei nada a ver, mas resolvi seguir Horácio.

    Trechos de Matemática, Série Prisma 1969

    1. chocada como essas frases tem tudo a ver sobre a reflexão do post.
      “A probabilidade é o próprio guia da vida” Joseph Butter
      Essa em especial me encantou muito!!!

      Obrigada por compartilhar.
      Que a matemática nos ilumine (=

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